Real Estate Rehab Project Manager

Real Estate Rehab Project Manager

This program desired results are to teach its clients how to become a real estate rehab project manager. We evaluate our clients projects and work closely with the clients to understand the management of their project. We set with our clients and come up with a detail plan. We let our clients be involved as much as they would like as mentoring process. What type of projects should you use FR2R Project Management: Rehab project, Design projects, building passive incoming portfolios or buy real estate at a discount.

Project Management Duties

  • We help you make the tough decisions at the start and during the project.For the smooth execution and completion of the rehab, it is very important both project manager and customer understand the different stages of the project accordingly.
  • Our role as your project manager is to work hand and hand during real estate evaluation and construction projects to ensure the successful completion, of the project on time and within budget. Although the project scopes and size may change, one thing is consistent; ensuring the timely and cost effective completion of projects.
  • Before rehab begins the project manager is responsible for site selection and due diligence, securing zoning and entitlements, selecting project team members, and creating a schedule and budget; which will lay the foundation for the rest of the project.
  • Once the project is underway, the project manager is the owner’s representative on-site, and it is their job to ensure the project is being built to the client’s specifications.
  • As the project progresses from planning to execution the project manager will shift their focus to scheduling contractors, processing payments and managing change orders.

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